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Season {{{Season}}}, Episode 5
I return
Air date 21 november 2014
Written by Jim peronto
Directed by James barr
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{{{Previous}}} a hunter for azmuth part 2
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==Plot=ben and rook go to the alur transyol to find out that viktorias ruling the place

Major EventsEdit

ben rook and rad are seen in rads ship ben then says why are they going to alur translol rad says theres something there that rad needs meanwhile zs'skyar goes into viktoria the trio arrive at alur translol ben transforms into kickin hawk and goes to elpore azmuths father comes out and says that azmuth kicked him out of glavin prime rook then says ther there to get something kickin hawk transforms back meanwhile zs'skyar is at his calsel zs'skyar tells viktoria to find ben she finds him and grabs him rook shoots viktoria ben transforms into swampfire and trows fire balls at viktoria forceing her to retreat

ben rook and rad wallk in more rooms ben transforms ino armdrilo and digs underground zs'skyar orders viktoria to look for them ben and rook are walking rook tells ben that zs'skyar must be working on something rook then finds the way in zs'skyar then says ben's a fool zs'skyar then plans to destroy the universe useing viktorias smartness ben transforms into swampfire and trows a fire ball at zs'skyar but it doze not work zs'skyar then fights with ben ben transforms into eyeguy and shoots zs'skyar zs'skyar then shoots eyeguy rook then comes and fights zs'skyar rad fights viktoria and defeats her zs'skyar shoots rook but rad shoots him ben transforms into astrodectel and grabs rad and rook and flys off




azmuth (flashback)

azmuths father

rad dudesman




Aliens UsedEdit

kicken hawk

swampfire 2x (2nd cameo)


eyeguy (cameo)

astrodectiol (cameo)

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