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Season {{{Season}}}, Episode 7
So mum dont ma me
Air date 18 december 2014
Written by David Mcdermott
Directed by Ben Jones
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==Plot== albedo becomes a volpurmancer after sandra and carl use the most dangros weapon on him

Major EventsEdit


(ben Wallks Up To A Cafe)

Rook Ben Your Mum Called Ma Vreedle Has Returned And

Ben Whats That Is That The Foolish Mother With A Losser On The Lose

Albedo (spys on ben) That Fool He Though He Could Destroy Me Laughs Idiot 

Ma Vreedle Sandra Now Get Here Right Away

Sandra Yes 

Carl No Dont

Ben Dads Right If

Albedo Tennyson 

Ben Albedo 

Albedo Go Away Fool

Ben My Omnitrixs Down So

Albedo So Is Your Luck

Ben Dont Worry About My Luck

Albedo Fool (changers into Ultimate Echo Echo)

Ulti Echo Echo Laughs (screms and it hurts bens ears)

(in Bens Dream)

Vilgax Albedo We Must Destroy Tennyson

Albedo Yes But With My Ultimate Form It Wont Be Easy As Long As Tennysons Foolish Device Works We Can't

(ben Wakes up)

Rook Ben Vilgax Was It

Ben How

Vilgax Because Im Back

Ben Stay Away VilIdiot 

Vilgax No Tennyson Ma Vreedle Needs To Be Stopped 

Ben Xlr8 

Ben Ripjaws

Ben Clockwork

Vilgax Okay Thats Eongh Albedo Has Teamed Up With The Vreedle Brothers Because There So Dumb To Work Out Anything So You Ben 10 Needs To Help Me

Boid Or What 

Ben Vilgax If You Are Lieing Il Ugh 

Rook How About Grey Matter Remember When You Were On The Ghostship

Ben No Swampfire

Swampfire Finaly

Vilgax These Fools Dont Know That Im Not Vilgax Im Actley Ma Vreedle

Octagun And Youlle Come With Us Idiot

Vilgax You Fool Youre The Worst Son Ever Betraying Me And Getting Albedo To Do The Work Ugh 

Swampfire Vilgax

Boid (shoots Swampfire He Falls In A Hole) Stupid Fool Dont You See That Were Destrcoting You Idiots (swampfire Changers Back) 

Ben Ugh Lets

Albedo No Lets Not (changers into Big Chill)

Big Chill Laughs Too Late Ben 10

Big Chill Now Freze (frezes Ben Rook And Vilgax) (changers Back)

Albedo Fools Vreedles Come With Me

Vilgax (breakes Free) No Ben Wait (breakes ben and rook Free And Relives To Be Ma Vreedle)

Ma Vreedle Yes

Ben And Rook Ma Vreedle

Carl Wait Whos Who 

Sandra It Was A Trap By Me

Albedo We Have Returned Khyber

Khyber Come

Boid When Is Our Paymet

Khyber Soon As Ben 10s Defeachen Is After I Destroy Him He Will Suffer

Ultimate Albedo With His Might

The End






max (cameo)



vreedle brothers

ma vreedle


Aliens Used by ben and albedoEdit

swampfire (by ben)

ultimate echo echo (by albedo)

big chill (by albedo and ben ben cameo)

four arms (cameo by ben)

atomix (by ben)

ultimate atomix (by albedo)


sandra in one pount sounded like young ben of tara strong being her voice in this episode of beth littleford being absence 

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