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Season 1, Episode 2
Air date 21 september 2014
Written by Seth Walther
Directed by Charlie Haskell[
Episode Guide
An demond from the pit
A hunter for azmuth part 1


Kraab tricks ben and rook into going to stop a metor from crashing to earth

Major EventsEdit

the episode begins with grandpa max and rook ruinng out of PHQ where a CRASH is there ben follows only to be trapped by rook who says wheres the guy ben goes cannbolt and crashs the trap and finds a metor coming to earth

ben rook max hobble and many plumbers go in the skipper and a plumber ship ben says this must be vilgax or zs'skyar but in undertown kraab returns and says the fun begins right now he goes in HQ and battles driba and blukic they try to contact max but no luck meanwhile the plumbers arrive at the metor max puts ben and rook out there rook says they only have a day to figer out how to stop the metor ben tries to go clockwork but gets shocksqush max heads back down to earth but they are captured by Sixsix

rook then finds a lock barried down benth the ground he picks it up shocksqush says he's bored suddley the metor enters earth ben then finds out he's phone is rinning it was Sixsix rook then takes it off him and says ben will surrender to the bounty hunters unless they will blow up along with the bomb that has been planted under the metor Sixsix then hangs up rook then trows the drit away ben goes upchuck and eats the drit and the 2 find the bomb rook then tells ben to find the Off switch meanwhile max and the plumbers are locked up in jail max sleeps with zombozo jerry dr animo hobble patroon and molly sleeps with the cricus trio thumbskuil stinks the hole bed up acid breth smells and frightwig puts her down on molly molly then lets out a tear that burns the trios prents meanwhile rook and ben are still finding the bombs off switch ben goes bullfrag and eats the bomb's engine

rook says that ben's an imbersill for doing that Sixsix comes up and goes into the bombs engine to make it wrose bullfrag knocks him down and turns back rook then gets Sixsix's jetpack and tells ben to grab on rook and ben go back to earth and defeat Kraab max and the plumbers arrest him meanwhile a diamondhead creatcher is up for the next mission



grandpa max







morty (cameo)




tetrax (cameo)

Aliens UsedEdit






max had 4 flowers on his t-shrit in one point

this episode can be quilted to Watch out the metor's returing

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