Species: Evolved Geochelone Aerio

Home World: Adabra


Lavender Energy Beams

Underwater Respiration

Rainbow Shell

Mechanic Slime Spit

Magnetic Body

Electricity Controlling

Ultimate Terraspin

Ultimate Terraspin is the evolved form of Terraspin.

Appearance: Ultimate Terraspin looks similar to the original Terraspin. Except that he has a blue body with grey and black holes, he has yellow and grey hands, an orange eyebrow, a red shell, dark yellow legs, and the face is still the same. He also has brown outlines on the back of his shell and the ultimate symbol is on his torso.

Powers And Abilities: Ultimate Terraspin is much more powerful than the other Terraspin. When curled into his shell, It looks like a rainbow shell with brown powdering on the back.

Ultimate Terraspin can fire lavender energy beams from his eyes and his stomach.

Ultimate Terraspin can breathe underwater.

Like Murk Upchuck and Spitter, he can spit out a mechanic blast of slime which causes wooden things to be cracked into a thousand pieces. He can also be magnetic like Lodestar, so it may be difficult to fight. He can also control electricity.

Weaknesses: If one of his holes is damaged and is touched, he may run out of energy and freeze.

If he talks and sneezes in the water, he will drown.

Murk Upchuck's slime can eventually damage his shell, which makes it very hard for him to fight.

Trivia: Ultimate Terraspin is actually a litlle cocky, Because he actually spits out raspberries when he gets suddenly angry. Ultimate Terraspin's slime is orange, so it might look like orange liquid or not.

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