Ben 10 omniverse: secret of the omnitrix
Season 1, Episode 1
Ha tennyson im the mayor ..... Of bellwood
Air date 15/6/16
Written by Benzarro85
Directed by Benzarro85
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{{{PAGENAME}}} is the first episode of Ben 10 omniverse: secret of the Omnitrix.


This episode starts where Ben and Rook were in undertown. Ben asked if Rook had money for him to buy a smoothie. Rook said he doesn't have any. Ben frowned as Rook gave Ben the silent treatment. BOOM!!!!!!! Suddenly, Attea robbed a bank. Ben transformed into Lode-star and lifted up the bag of money. Attea shouted at Ben to give it back. Ben refused.

After that long battle, Lode-star transformed back into Ben. Rook was happy about Ben's work. Will Harangue was very disappointed with Ben. 2 minutes later, the sun was burning up. All of the asteroids are falling from the air. Ben transformed into Big chill and flew in the air. Rook said to everyone to evacuate the area.

In space, Big chill was flying to the sun. He couldn't fly any further. So he decided to transform back into Ben. The sun was crying. Ben shouted so loud that the sun was not crying anymore. The sun told Ben to stop the incursions from making him sad. Ben transformed into Feedback and used his electronic powers to fly.

In the incursions ship, Feedback was running to find milleous and commander raff. He wasn't sure if he did a good job.

Back in Earth, Rook was counting on Ben to stop milleous and commander raff from making the sun sad. Will Harangue was excited for Ben to be defeated. But in the end, Feedback was holding milleous and commander raff in his hands. Feedback transformed back into Ben. Rook and everyone cheered. Only Will Harangue was angry. Then the episode ends.

Major EventsEdit

The sun appeared for the first time.

Will Harangue was actually excited to see if Ben was defeated.


Ben Tennyson

Rook Blonko

Will Harangue    

Everyone in Bellwood

The sun(debut)




Commander Raff 

Aliens UsedEdit


Big chill



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