This is the second episode of Ben 10: Hero Unleashed


Ben is running in the forest and stops at a graveyard and sees a hooded figure.

Hooded figure in a soothing voice:This is all your fault!

Ben:No it isnt it was his!He was why I gave it up!

Hooded figure in a soothing voice:You transformed into Humongasaur and smashed his skull.

Ben:He tried to kill me more than once!Listin I came here because I need advice and I know you only come here and you only appear at night.

The hooded figure takes off her hood to reveal Gwens face and steps away from the grave to reveal Kevins name.


Ben:I got attacked and I used it.

Gwen:Ben dont you remember what happened last time what you want me to join you again?

Ben:Yes but we dont have Kevin or Rook.

Gwen steps back to show a 10 year old boy.

Gwen:This is my son hes half Osmosian.His name is Ben.

Ben:Well thats goin to be confusing.

Gwen:We call him Glenn

Glenn:I know two other people who can help us.


Glenn points to a big hotel.

                                    THE END

Major eventsEdit

Gwen Glenn and Kevin(Deceased) make there debuts.

Aliens usedEdit



  • This is one of the darkest episodes

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