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Season {{{Season}}}, Episode 10
Tennyson gggggg im ditto be quiet soon this earths mine
Air date 2 feb 2015
Written by Marc hander
Directed by Jae woo kim
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==Plot== fistrick and ma vreedle train to destroy each other after fighting ben in the streets

Major EventsEdit

Transcript Edit

Ben Well I Was Out Wallkin Rook And Fistrick

Rook Yes Ma Vreedle

Ma Ugh

Fistrick You

Ma Go Away Soon My Plan Will Be Compleated Fool

Rook You Give Up

Ben Ditto

Ditto Good Yes Keep It Up

Ma Tennyson Go Away Fool My Plan Falls Into Place

Ditto Skurd Rooks Right We Really Need His Help

Ma Go Away Foolish Tennyson (trows him up onto the train)

Ditto Ugh Shes Too Tuff

Ma Your Just So Pathetic Tennyson

Fistrick Fools


Vilon Ahh Yes Im Nearly Done I Just Need Maltruant

Maltruant Laughs Vilgax

Vilon Its Vilon Foolish Chronosapien

Skurd No Let Me Go

Rook Hun Guys Th- Vilons Down There

Ditto Oh Yeah

Ben Give Up Vilon Now

Vilon Fool You Can't Stop Me As Number 2 Lines In Place You Fools Have No Ider Who Your Messing With Now Watch Your Earth Die You Fools Are Total Pathetic Humans

Ben Il Handle Him

Echo Echo Oh Man

Vilon Laughs Bye Tennyson

Echo Echo Sonic Doom (shoots Vilon Into PHQ)

Vilon Maltruant Will Return

Ma Vreedle Fools

Fistrick Yes I Know Your A Fool

Vilon Come Here Fool While I Destroy You

Ben Oh Man Heatblast

Heatblast Yes (shoots vilon) No More Vilgax Thats Eongh Ha

Vilon Never

Heatblast Freze Power

Vilon No Tennnnnyson


Vilon Your Pathetic Omnitrix Is No Match For Me (leaves)

Rook Ben If Skurds Kiddnapped We Must Save Him Shall We?

Ben Yes

The End





ma vreedle


Aliens UsedEdit


Echo Echo



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