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Season {{{Season}}}, Episode 9
RHBK preview 2
Air date 12 jan 2015
Written by James w bates
Directed by Jae woo kim
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==Plot== rad gets kiddnapped by raff who wants imfashen of milleous lost son

Major EventsEdit

Transcript Edit

(ben And Rook Are Flying In The Proto Truck In Space)

Ben Why Do We Need Skurd

Rook Because Vilon Can Destroy The Universe

Ben And Eons Got A Powerful-

Paradox Yes Ben Vilon Is Too Powerful Even For Me

Rook Lets Go

Milleous Son No Laughs

Ben Whos

Rook Incurshens

Ben Let Me

Milleous Wheres My Son

Attea Who Cares

Milleous Foolish Child He Is More Better Than You Your Just A Brat Laughs Raff Your Job

Raff Hes Fighting Tennyson

Ben Lets Go (turns into Upchuck)

Upchuck uh uh uh No Thats It (eats Ship And Spits It Out Milleous Son Comes Out Of Upchucks Mouth)

Upchuck Too Easy

(meanwhile In The Incurshen Ship)

Milleous Find Tennyson He Should Know Where My Son Is That Stupid Guy I Will Destroy Him

Raff Look Emperor I Found Something A Brid

Milleous Rad

Rad mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Raff Shutup

Rad Ugh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Raff Master Milleous Where Shall I Put This Fool

Milleous In The Room Of FIRE

(meanwhile in space)

Ben Milleous Son Must Be Up To No Good

Raff Tennyson

Ben Raff

Raff Yes Tennyson You Though You Could Destroy Me The Last Time You Vsd Me Rubbish Now You Fools Are Mine Perpper To Die

Raff Laughs Now You Fools Will Suffer

Ben Rook Go Up There And Tell Milleous What Happened

Rook But

Ben Ugh (turns into Feedback)

Feedback Now Lets Charge

Rook Ben Look Out

Feedback Why Rook Oh No

Milleous Fools Now Rad

Rook Aim Reddy BLAST

Feedback Yes

Rook Im Here

Feedback Okay Raff Gi- (changers back)

Ben No

Rook Ok Now

Attea Now You Die

Rook Gasp

Attea Give Up Plumber

Rook Your-

Milleous Hello Rook We Have Been Exspeting You Or Whatever Now Look Who Else We Have Got You Will Not Get To Skurd Because Maltruant Has Been Working Some Tests On Him Fool Now I Will Let You Out Not With Rad If You Ever Tell Ben Skurds With Maltruant Il Kill Rad

Rook Who Cares Skurd Is Kiddnapped By Maltruant

Milleous Yes After He Recreated The Stupid Universe I Got Maltruant To Kiddnapp Him Skurds Awsome DNA Will Die And For The Other Half Of Skurds Friends They Are Within My Power Heres The Last One Laughs Fool Look (destroyes It)

Rook Ben Skurds Kiddnapped By Maltruant We Must Go To Him

Ben Yes Eatell (turns into Ampfibion)

Ampfibion No Omnitrix

Milleous You Idiot Thinking You Could Tell Ben

Ampfibion Im Coming Rook Milleous Why Has Maltruant Got Skurd

Attea Because He Will Destroy All Chronosapiens Excpect Himself

Ampfibion No (changers back)

Ben Thats It

Milleous Oh Yes Rook You Blow It Laughs Fools

Rook No Rad (shoots the tap and the thing rad was strapped up to)

Milleous Idiot Maltruant Now

Rad I Got Kiddnapped By These Jerks

Ben Hero Time

Ben Four Arms

Attea Laughs Oh Yeah And Where Maltruant Is You Will Never Get There You Stupid Fools Because Hes At The Dawn Of Time

Vilon Yes Attea He Is

Rook Vilgax No

Vilon Im Just Here For One Thing Ben 10 (grabs the LightSpere)

Ben Vilgax No You Can't

Vilon Laughs Fool

Ben No Not Funny

Milleous Go Away Vil Idiot

Ben Hero Time

Vilon No Now Im Going To Go To Maltruant To Grab Skurd He Is A Fool Thank You Incurshens Ben And Rook I Am Only 3 Pices Away From My Goal Laughs (leaves)

Ben No

The End

Characters Edit

rad dudesman (main chacter)







milleous son


Aliens UsedEdit



Ampfibion (going For Eatell)


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