Clockwork OV 1
Psyphon leaving
Albedo befor destroying rooks proto tool

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Plot Edit

Psyphon managed to steal money from a Bellwood bank back in the previous episode but now vilgax told Psyphon to steal Nega bens omnitrix for his greatest trophy. Nega Ben and Nega Rook went to Mr.smoothy to buy a smoothie until BOOM,Psyphon and vilgax wanted to ask if he can give the omnitrix to him but he said no. Nega Ben transformed into pesky dust and flew in the air. Nega Rook kicked Psyphon on the head even though, pesky dust got hit by vilgax until the omnitrix powered down. Nega Ben was not happy so he immediently transformed into clockwork to erase vilgax and Psyphon to a different demension. Clockwork changed back into Nega ben and walked away.

In that demension, vilgax ordered Psyphon to claim his throne but something happened. Maltuarant took vilgax and Psyphon out to vilgaxs ship with evil ben and albedo. The End....

Characters Edit

Nega Ben

Nega rook

Villains Edit




Evil ben


Aliens Used Edit

By Nega ben

Pesky dust


By albedo

Ultimate humungousaur(cameo)

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