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Season {{{Season}}}, Episode 12
Ma Vreedle Lost Her Son.jpg 2
Air date 16 feb 2015
Written by David Mcdemott
Directed by John Lanig
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be afird of the mighty vrak
Glavin war pt 1
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==Plot== ma vreedle returns robbing banks destroying supermarkets and trying to filnd off her own famliy so octagun and romboid try to help her overcome it but its ther fault ....... stealing her son

Major EventsEdit

Transcript Edit

(its night)

Rook I Hate Ma Vreedle

Sandra :(

Rook :)

Ben guyz why dio we have too its not like were heros

Max We Are

Ben Ugh

Ma Vreedle You Worthless Fools

Ben Hun Ma Vreedle Her Again Its Timer To Shut The Girl up

Armdrillo Yes

Rook Hun Its


Ma Vreedle why are you guyz so jerky

Rook Ben Some Peanuts

Ben noooooooooooooooooo

Ma Vreedle eongh games

Ben No

Ampfibion Yes awww Yeah

Bewn Noooooooooooooooooo

Ma Vreedle :)

The End


ben (5 10 and 16 year old)




vreedle brothers

ma vreedle

Aliens UsedEdit




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