Vocaloid VS UTAUloid
Season 1, Episode 1

To Be Announced

Air date 2/2/17
Written by Benzarro85
Directed by Benzarro85
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It was 8:00am in the morning where Kaito was still asleep in his room! He was fast asleep, however, Miku wanted him to wake up for this 'meeting' Luka calls it. Kaito thought instead of going to the meeting, he would go on a quest to find Rin's headset! So he got up and dashed to the closet to get his clothes!

Meanwhile, Miku was busy preparing breakfast for herself! It seems to appear that Rin dashed after Oliver because he trashed her room... What an idiotic boy he is! Miku sighed! It felt like she had already forgotten about Luka's concert she has to go to!

Miku then decided to run into the bathroom! At least Miku needed the loo! Meanwhile, Aoki Lapis then rushed to the cake lying on the kitchen table! Without knowing, Len asked anyone that are his beloved cake in history of cake making! They all pointed to Aoki!

At the town, Kaito wanted to find Rin's headset! He searched everywhere but it was no where to be found! He sighed... He hoped to find out where it was, but he gazed at all of the Vocaloid shops which have all Vocaloid posters of Miku, Rin and Luka and Kaito too! He was also reading Magazines and Newspapers of the missing headset! He thought for a moment. The only place she puts it was her closet! Except when she listens to music! So he dashed back!

Major EventsEdit

Kaito goes on a quest to find Rin's headset!

Len makes a cake

Luka has her concert


Hatsune Miku

Kaito Shion

Kagamine Rin

Oliver (cameo)

Megurine Luka

Kagamine Len

Aoki Lapis


There are no Villains until episode 8!

Aliens UsedEdit


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