ben 10 omniverse: secret of the omnitrix
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date 4/7/16
Written by Benzarro85
Directed by Benzarro85
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{{{PAGENAME}}} is the 3rd episode of Ben 10 omniverse: secret of the omnitrix.


It starts with Alicia banging on the prison door. Kim said that there is no escape from prison. Later, Albedo tries to escape. But failed. Rook Blonko walked to see Albedo in his prison cell. Max walked to Rook to do him a favour. Rook went to do the favour. Suddenly, Max walked away from the Plumber HQ, trying to get to Bens house. He couldn't get through the big traffic. So he asked Rook to see him.

Albedo walked around his cell. He dialled the Ultimatrix for Big Chill. Big Chill turned invisible to escape; but he failed, miserably. Alicia shouted for Albedo to be quiet.

2 minutes later, Max Tennyson was at Bens house. He looked at it, he was disappointed with him. He opened the door and found puke, everywhere. Ben was sorry about the puke. Max accepted his apology. Later, Rook was still in Plumber HQ.

At Plumber HQ, Albedo still on trying to get away from prison. He transformed into Nanomech and made himself out of pillows. Later, Rook walked to get the remains of the food, that Albedo ate. Nanomech was delighted with the idea. Rook heard an argument from far away. He continued walking to the security scanner. Nanomech was shocked about the security scanner.

Major EventsEdit


Ben Tennyson

Rook Blonko

Alicia Martin(debut)

Kim Martin(debut)

Max Tennyson





Khyber the huntsman

Aliens UsedEdit

By AlbedoEdit

Big Chill(cameo)



Ultimate Humungosaur