Goop Omni

Plot Edit

at Italy, Nega ben and rook were in a mystery to find the new villain doctor robotic. Nega ben saw a couple of new looking robots so nega ben turned into goop and was flying in the air. Nega rook was kicking the robots on the head and the heads fell off. Goop turned back into nega ben and walked to the lair doctor robotic was in.

Later, doctor robotic was gathering all of his slaves to the crush room where there was all of a bunch of stuff. "This ends now doctor robotic" said nega ben and he turned into blitzwolfer and howled at doctor robotic. Doctor robotic managed to escape the howl from blitzwolfer but his head was smashed from the ceiling. He fell down to the crush room and got crushed. Blitzwolfer turned back to nega ben and went home with nega rook.

Characters Edit

Nega ben

Nega rook

Villains Edit

Doctor robotic(defeated)

Aliens Used Edit



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