Ben and rook
Rook cuerpo completo xd
Ben n Rook

the episode started when Nega Ben was fighting fisttrick as four arms. Fist trick pushed four arms out of the way and ran.four arms transformed back into Nega ben and dialled the omnitrix for snare oh but instead he got xlr8 for a better suggestion.fist trick ran and ran but smacked in front of Nega rooks proto truk.xlr8 ran to Nega rook and smiled all the way to plumber head quarters.nega max was not happy for Nega ben to come late for another mission."while I get this thing sorted,you go fond some thing strange"said Nega max but Nega ben and Nega rook was already looking for some thing strange."hmm"said Nega ben he dialled his omnitrix for ghost freak and got him. He went far and wide to find it but found a international weapon called alien blaster Ray gun 2000"woah cool"sail Nega ben. "Nega Ben should you find a alien projector 9000"said Nega rook"don't have a clue"said Nega ben as ghost freak.soon, they found a mysterious temple. Nega Ben dialled his omnitrix for feed back and got him and started running inside the temple.


Characters Edit

Nega Ben

Nega rook

Nega max(first appearance)

Villians Edit


Aliens Used Edit

Four arms

Xlr8(accidental transformation intended alien was snare oh)

Ghost freak


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