HF Studios
Series Premiere
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This September 2013

Brand New Series
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Den 10 BootCamp
6th June ,2013 - 9th June ,2013

HF 10
Coming soon

It is an upcoming series produced by HF Studios .


It takes place during the Great Revolution of America against the British . Den 10 Franklin , a freedom fighter was flying a kite one day during a thunderstorm until he gets zapped by a cosmic ray resulting him in getting the Omnitrix .


  1. Den 10 Franklin
  2. His Mom
  3. The British
  4. The Creator


See Den 10 OmniGear/Aliens


Den 10 Franklin


Arc 1 :Edit

When Dennis Franklin receives the Omnitrix , he became the new cool guy in town . But all is not well when his mom is captured by the British . Can Den master the Omnitrix to save his mom ?

  1. Aliens Among Us
  2. Ascension
  3. Revoulutionary
  4. Sci-Fi

Fan EpisodesEdit

          Coming Soon.....

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