Den 10 Ultiverse is an American television series produced and developed by HF Studios . Den 10 : OmniGear is the sequel to Den 10 Omniverse .

Den 10 OmniGear
General Information
Genre Action/Adventure/Comedy
Season(s) 2 (For now)
Episodes 20
Starring Den Tennyson
Created By HF Studios
Written By User:Hanyfadil
Series Guide
Preceded by
"Den 10 Ultiverse"
Succeeded by
"Not Applicable"


After the events of D10U , Den has now mastered his Ultimatrix and has become a professional superhero . But not all is well when a group of aliens turn Den's world upside down .


It started on 8/6/13 . What's special in this series is that HF Studios decided to make Den 10 times more awesome . One example is the introduction of the new OmniGear as the series title suggests .


  1. Den Tennyson
  2. Ben Tennyson
  3. Rook Blonko


Season 1 :

Episode Episode No. Plot Airdate
A New Ultiverse 1 & 2 Den 10 Returns with a new Ultimatrix . TBA
Shadow 3 TBA TBA
Proto Fool 4 TBA TBA


  • Den 23 Specials
  • Den 10K Specials
Fan Media
 Coming Soon.....

Fan List

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