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Azmuth and derrick j wyatt

Plot Edit

at galvan prime, azimuth was building a new force field. At earth, nega Ben and rook were in plumber HQ. In there, nega Ben was in a wildvine form. Rook ran and missed the vines. Wildvine turned into nega Ben and turns into big chill and freezes rooks leg. Rook couldn't move any muscle on his leg. He used his proto tool to shoot the ice off of him.

At galvan prime azimuth went to legerdomain to capture charms in bezel. He was so inpressed of himself so he took all of the charms in bezel.

In earth, nega Ben and rook were in Los solodad looking for a new villain to defeat. Nega Ben turned into feedback andfound a little slice of magic and drained it all in one but something unexpected happened he was turning into a magical feedback with pink electronic powers.

Characters Edit

Nega Ben

Nega rook


Villains Edit


Aliens used Edit


Big chill


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