{{Device infobox |image= {{{image}}} |width= {{{23.5}}} |name= Template:Biomnitrix} |color= {{{grey}}} |creator= {{{azmuth}}} |user= {{{Nega Ben}}} |first= {{{a new dawn}}} |level= {{{Level 24 alien tech}}} |ability= {Template:Can shoot lazers,can be attractive to Ben TennysonThis deice is Biomnitrix, it can {{{abilities}}} etc. It was build for {{{Nega Ben. and was first seen in the episode {{{a new dawn}}}. It was created by {{{azmuth}}}


(It's History)


it is a grey watch that can make a difference to other omnitrixes. The biomnitrix is a hard thing to control


. A new dawn

. A different supply


(add more pictures of Biomnitrix so that people can be amazed)

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