The Featured Pages are a group of pages part of a specific category which are nominated each month starting January 2014 to win the title 'Featured ___'. There are only two categories at the moment.

Current FeaturedsEdit

Category Previous Winner Notes
Featured Fanon Alien
Featured User


(Rules listed above the sub-sections applies to all featured page voting)

  • All votes must have a reason.
  • For and against voting is to retain its numbered list from the preloading layout. Commenting is to keep a plain bulleted list.
  • Keep the layouts on the pages as it is. Don't change the preset numbered and bulleted lists.
  • No voting for something that you nominated, or voting twice.
  • Any negative conversation in comments will result in the conversation being permanently shut down and archived in a temporary subpage that will be deleted after the voting.

Featured Fanon AlienEdit

  • Credit the creator of the alien when nominating other users' aliens.
  • The alien must have all the characteristics of an alien, weaknesses and powers, listed on its page. Exceptions can be made such as the information being withheld temporarily because of spoilers.
  • If your page has no pictures, it will not be chosen. (This is because of the display format on the main page.)

Featured UserEdit

  • You can't vote for yourself or for a user you nominated.
  • Don't nominate a really new user who has almost no experience.

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