Ben 10: The Omniverse Guild is a new series in addition to the Ben 10 series. Featuring the old characters with a little twist, Ben 10: The Omniverse Guild brings a brand new universe, featuring veterans from the Ben 10 series, so be expecting certain changes about such things such as relationships between some characters.

Story Edit

Benjamin "Kirby" Tennyson, short of Ben Tennyson, has joined a guild called The Omniverse Pumbers. Meeting many new friends, Ben Tennyson starts a brand new Adventure with his newly gained allies along with his newly received watch, the Omni-Vice.

Characters Edit

300px-Ben Tennyson - Poise Official Omniverse Benjamin "Kirby' Tennyson, simply known as Ben Tennyson is a newcomer to the Omniverse Pumbers guild. Having spent a lot of time alone, Ben has sure somehow been able to make friends easily even though he hasn't really been adapted to friendliness.


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