Season 1Edit

    • The Eliminator destroys the universe, but is taken into inter-dimension reality by the Plumbers and held captive. He becomes guilty and escapes the prison. Meanwhile, on an inter-dimension-Earth, Ben hears about the destruction and grieves for Julie. He decides to transform into Alien X and confront Bellicus and Serena for the recreation of the universe.
  • ====Goop Is Not Solid====
    • The Eliminator finds Ben and confronts him. Ben turns into Goop and tries his hardest to defeat the Eliminator, but transforms into Shockquatch. Ben loses control of the Omnitrix and reverts. Ben then remembers that when the Eliminator shot a blast at him as Goop, he became more powerful. Ben then turns into Goop and wards the Eliminator off.

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