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Ben 10,000 decides to travel to his past to see what's wrong? Can He save his past self?

Major EventsEdit

Ben 10,000's past self appears in the episodes.

Ben 10,000 and his past self team up to fight Past and Present Vilgax and Albedo.


  • Ben 10,000 (30 and 20 year old)
  • Ken Green-Tennyson (0 and 10 year old cameo)
  • Kai Green-Tennyson (30 and 20 year old cameo)
  • Gwendolyn Green-Tennyson (0 and 10 year old cameo)
  • Max Tennyson (cameo)
  • Kevin Tennyson-Levin (cameo)
  • Gwen Tennyson-Levin (cameo)


  • Vilgax (Past and Present)
  • Albedo (Past and Present)

Aliens UsedEdit

By 16 year old Ben:

  • Astrodactyl
  • Big Chill (3x)
  • Echo Echo (4x)
  • Way Big
  • Jetray (cameo)
  • NRG (cameo)

By Ben 10,000:

  • Moth-Man (Big Chill)
  • Speedquick (XLR8) (5X)
  • Dog-Nabbit (Wildmutt)
  • Heat Man (NRG)
  • Belly TummyMan (The Worst)
  • Ultimate Echo Echo
  • Super Way Big
  • Ultimate Way Big
  • Super Echo Echo
  • Echo Echo
  • Way Big


It is revealed that when Ben was 16 that Ben said He did like playing video games and really enjoy pranking his friends and cousin Gwen. The episode appears one hour long episode.

According to Elghin Hebrado: He said: " Well, My crews and i was planning to make Chamalien of Ben's past self appears but the scene was cut so they need making again. Also Chamalien (Lizard-Man) of Ben 10,000 will appear in the next episode along with his power! If you have a questions let me know and support me!".

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