Ben 10,000: The Rises of Ultimate Omnitrix
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date March 31st, 2020
Written by Elghin Hebrado
Directed by Elghin Hebrado
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Ben 10,000: The Ultimate Revenge
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Ben is back! and he have a new Ultimate Omnitrix again!

Major EventsEdit

The series is shown about Ben 10,000.


  • Ben 10,000
  • Kai Green-Tennyson
  • Gwendolyn ( Daughter )
  • Kenny ( Son )
  • Gwendolyn


Mr. Giant Squid ( Vilgax )

Aliens UsedEdit

Used by Ben 10,000

Mr. Monkey ( Spidermonkey )

Ultimate. Mr. Monkey ( Ultimate. Spidermonkey )

Eye Guy

Copy Copy ( Echo Echo )

Rollaway ( Cannobolt )

Dog-Nabbit ( Wildmutt )

Ultimate. Dog-Nabbit ( Ultimate. Wildmutt )

Used by Kenny:

Eye Guy

Feedback * Fastcat (Fasttrack)

Copy Copy ( Echo Echo )

Rollaway (Cannobolt)

Stink Boy ( Stinkfly )


This is the first series of Ben 10,000 and not a 6th series. Elghin confirmed: This is his favorite episode. Rook and Max and Kevin 11,000 and Albedo and Mr.Galvan and Speedyquick was supposed in this episode. but delete because they will appear in episode 2.

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