Ben Tennyson
Ben 10 (Ben 10 OA
General Information
Species Human
Age 16/17/18
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Powers and abilities
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Alternate Counterparts Pen 10 (Other universe)
Voice Actor Yuri Lowenthal (16)

Tara Strong (11)

First Appearance [[The new begginng]]

Ben Is A Human of the planet earth


He Has Brown hair brown panits Green/Black Top And Green Eyes And A Watch On His Hand Called The Omnitrix


He Hates Hights Spiders And Snakes


He Was Attacked When He Was Younger And He Had A Scar On His Knee Hes Had It Fr 6 Yrs It Happend After YThe OS

Alternative FutureEdit

Ben 1000 (OA)

Powers and AbilitiesEdit



All eps


he Is Not Allgick To Peanuts as his other couplet is

Unlike his complet He Is Not Afrid Of Clowns As User:Retro IIII (Retro Strikes Back) Said Befor He Went fr A Break That that Will Be Silly If He Was

See AlsoEdit

There Is None At The Moment

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