Ben 10 omniverse: secret of the omnitrix
Season 1, Episode 2
Galvin War Part 2
Air date 23/6/16
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Directed by {{{Director}}}
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the sky is falling flat
jail break
{{{PAGENAME}}} is the 2nd episode of ben 10 omniverse: secret of the omnitrix.


This episode starts where Ben was in a form of Brainstorm while attacking ZS Skayr. Rook Blonko was fighting against Khyber the Huntsman. Ben's omnitrix was timed out so he got defeated. Later, the omnitrix made Ben transform into heatblast and shot fire at ZS Skayr. ZS Skayr was now defeated by him.

After that long battle with Khyber the Huntsman, Heatblast transformed back into Ben. Rook asked Ben to walk back to Plumber HQ. Ben agreed.

Later, Blukic and Driba were looking for something to stop evil bad guys from breaking out of jail. Ben asked if Blukic had anything to make him teleport. He said no. Ben frowned. 2 minutes later, Rad Dudesman came to pick them up to go to Anur Transyl. Ben groaned. Rook sighed in relief.

At Anur Transyl, Rad Dudesman told Ben not to hurt anyone. Ben transformed into swampfire and ran towards a random shadow. There was Psyphon. He wasn't happy, so he flew away in the darkness. Swampfire changed back into Ben.

Rook shot an energy beam at Psyphon but missed. Ben transformed into Shocksquatch and zapped Psyphon to the ground. Shocksquatch then transformed back into Ben. Later, Ben and Rook started questioning Psyphon about why he came to Anur Trasyl. Psyphon didn't answer. He only said the reason why he came to Anur Transyl was because he put his ultimate artifact somewhere in the library of death. Ben transformed into XLR8 and ran to the library. He couldn't see it. He ran back to Rook. XLR8 thought that Psyphon lied the whole time. Psyhon said that he is the artifact. He was a bomb the whole time. XLR8 only had 2 minutes to defuse the bomb. XLR8 transformed back into Ben. Rook kept guessing the code to defuse the bob. 30 seconds had passed. Was it really going to be the end of Anur Transyl? In a flash, Ben transformed into Brainstorm and checked to see if it was possible to defuse the bomb. 1 minute had passed. Brainstorm was running out of time. Psyphon laughed and said it was impossible to defuse the bomb.

Major EventsEdit

None really 


Ben Tennyson

Rook Blonko

Max Tennyson



Rad Dudesman


Aliens UsedEdit

Brainstorm (x2, first time is off screen transformation)

Heatblast (cameo)


XLR8 (cameo)



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