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Season 1, Episode 1
Air date 15 september 2014
Written by Derrick J Wyatt
Directed by Dan Riba
Episode Guide
Watch out the suns hitting earth


Azmuth is captured by sir george for a powerful weapon 

at glavin prime azmuth is walking around talking about how foolish ben is suddley pakmor comes in and orders azmuth to take the omatrix off ben azmuth says no of his heroness pakmor gets on azmuths phone suddley max comes in pakmor orders max to get out but max pushs him and tells azmuth that sir george has returned hunting him azmuth wants both max and pakmor to leave him be but they dont meanwhile ben as bloxx with rook are fighting sir george he says he wants the omatrix maker but rook blastes him back to a fire edge bloxx says that is a good shot after that sir george makes em fall down in a hole and retreats he finds azmuth on the ground and balws to him but tricks him and picks him up azmuth wakes up in a room where sir george comments he wants more sorwads azmuth says hes got one but sir george cuts his berd off and says if he dozent get another sorwad hell feed azmuth to his pets azmuth then aggres to it meanwhile ben and rook try to find more clues but to get none azmuth then takes sir george to a room sir george cuts the door off where a powerful sorwad is been keept sir george grabs it ben and rook arrive and tell sir george to hand the sorwad over but sir george blastes them out to bellwood ben goes big chill and frezes george but he frees himself and shoots big chill ben goes goop and puts acid on sir georges face and goes swampfire and trows seeds on the ground sir george lets go of the sorwad and is arrised by a CSI group azmuth goes back home yelling at ben and rook





grandpa max


derrick j wyatt (cameo)


sir george

vilgax (flashback)

pandor (photo)

Aliens UsedEdit


big chill




this episode shears an oriongal to soltay aligment

acording to derrick this is the frist episode rook has been to primus but in the note book it said hed alreddy been

Azmuth Had his Ultimate Alien/Alien Force Apprance In This Episode

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