In his human form

138px-Alan with plumbers badge

In his Pyronite form

Alan Albright is a human/Pyronite hybrid from the planet Earth in Ben 10: Alien Force.


In his human form, he is an African/Americcan who is a little shorter than Ben. He wears a white singlet with blue pants.

In his Pyronite form, he looks like Heatblast in Ultimate Alien but he is shorter and his face is slightly different than Heatblast.


Alan is sort of a peacemaker, who doesn't want to argue. He doesn't usually lie, and is the most vulnerable one of his teammates, as stated by Ben in Above and Beyond.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

He has the powers of a regular Pyronite, though on a lower scale due to his human DNA.


Ben 10: Omni-PowerEdit


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